Designed with Both the Physician and Patient in Mind

Located at the heart of the Overlake Hospital Medical Center and the Bellevue medical community, Overlake Medical Pavilion features 191,051 square feet of Class A medical-office space.


Direct access to
Overlake Hospital

Direct fiber connectivity to Overlake Hospital and external data

Abundant parking:
740 stalls (4 stalls per 1,000 SF)

Building parking accessible directly from 116th Avenue NE

On-site building management and maintenance

Aggressive tenant improvement allowance available

"Our patients are very pleased with the atmosphere and environment of our office in the Overlake Medical Pavilion. They frequently comment on how aesthetically pleasing and relaxing our office is to visit."

Lucinda Berrington, Adminstrator
Overlake OBGYN (Suite 950)

"Our move allowed us to enhance effective work flows and fully adapt to systems. We are able to see more patients, our staff work more efficiently, and the beautiful scenic work space just makes everyone feel better."

Glenda Smith, Practice Administrator
Bellevue Ear, Nose & Throat (Suite 915)


Tim Owens
+1 425 462 6913

Marcus Yamamoto
+1 206 292 6062

Paul Carr
+1 206 292 6005

+1 206 292 6012


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